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Let's Meet & Greet

We are passionate travelers. Tourism addicted and hospitality professionals. If you want the short version.

The long version lasts for more than 10 years. Ever since we’ve delivered our first successful tour and saw the happiness on our client’s face.

But first, before anything else, we are people. Normal people just like you. Demanding people when talking about touristic services and connoisseurs when needed to evaluate and appreciate corporate travel & events.

Our goal

Our goal is to take corporate travel & events to the next level. A level where luxury meets friendly and where professionals can see results within their successful company event.

Our offer

We’re offering you tailor-made solutions for you, your company and your employees. We’re aiming for a long-term relationship and we’re depending on your constructive feedback.

Our partner

Our client is our partner. And our partners deserve nothing but the best. But you will soon convince yourself if you choose us. Which you definitely should.